603 Netherby Road, Welland, Ontario. L3B 5N7. Canada - (905)734-7058


Racing Information


  May 20 - Practice - Noon til 6pm  
(All Classes)
  May 27 - Clare's Night of Thunder  
(All Classes)
Results / Standings
June 3 - Battle at the Border on Rose Festival Night at the Races
  Plus "Gerald Young Memorial Dash For Cash"  
(All Classes)
Results / Standings
  June 10 - Flat Track Canada National  
  (Flat Track)  

  June 17 - Jim Bodner Jr. Memorial  
(All Classes)
  June 24 - Race Night  
(All Classes)
  July 1 - NO RACING  
  July 8 - Rider Autograph Night  
(All Classes)
Results / Standings
  July 15 - NO RACING  

  July 22 - Les Washbon Memorial  
  Plus the 750cc Twins - Special Event  
(All Classes)
  July 29 - Vintage/Reunion Night  
  Plus Dash For Cash in Memory of Tony Kacan Memorial  
(All Classes)
  August 26 - Vintage Night  
  Plus $2000 - Dash For Cash in Memory of Tony Kacan Memorial  
(All Classes)
  September 9 - Fall Classic/Vintage Night - 5:30PM Start  
  $2000 - Dash For Cash in Memory of Tony Kacan Memorial  
  Anyone arriving riding a Vintage Bike will get FREE Gate Admission  
(All Classes)




2023 Late Pit Access

This year, with the introduction to the digital waiver, the pit gate "late" access will be a little bit different.

There will not be a "late" list at registration for pit access (but you CAN still get into the pits after 4pm keep reading)

IF YOU CAN ARRIVE BY 4PM Go to the registration booth (right side), show them your phone with the waiver, pay $5 and get your wristband.

If YOU CANNOT ARRIVE BY 4pm: You will go to the pit gate. You will show them your phone with the waiver, pay $5 and get your wristband.

The QR code will be posted if you need to complete it on site, but you must have a smart phone with data and the ability to text.

If you cannot show the proof on your phone, you will not be granted access to the pits.

We appreciate everyone's understanding and being pro-active with getting the waiver signed in advance!




Our thanks is offered to the following photographers, for all their work and dedication shown towards the Niagara Motorcycle Speedway.


Some items are linked to their associated Facebook galleries.You must be signed into Facebook to view.

  Dave Dudley, Randy Wiebe, Winston Grosse,
  Jim Ewart
  July 22nd - Dave Dudley
  June 17th - Winston Grosse
  June 3rd - Dave Dudley - Part 1
  June 3rd - Dave Dudley - Part 2
  June 3rd - Dave Dudley - Part 3
  May 27th - Winston Grosse - Part 1
  May 27th - Winston Grosse - Part 2
  May 27th - Dave Dudley
  May 28th - Jim Ewart
  May 28th - Winston Grosse
  June 11th - Winston Grosse
  June 26th - Winston Grosse
  Dave Dudley Review
  June 1 - Winston Grosse
  June 1 - Dave Dudley
  June 8 - Winston Grosse
  June 8 - Dave Dudley
  June 22 - Dave Dudley
  July 20 - Dave Dudley - Part 2
  September 7 - Dave Dudley
  May 26 - Dave Dudley
  June 2 - Randy Wiebe
  July 7 - Dave Dudley
  May 27 - Winston Grosse
  June 3 - Pt1 - Pt2 - Pt3 - Pt4 - Winston
  June 10 - Pt1 - Pt2 - Winston
  June 17 - Pt1 - Pt2 - Randy Wiebe
  July 28 - Randy Wiebe
  September 9 - Pt1 - Pt2 - Winston
  May 28 - Dudley - May 28 - Grosse
  June 11 - Dudley - June 11 - Grosse
  June 25 - Winston Grosse
  June 9 - Winston Grosse
  July 23 - Winston Grosse
  Speedway Videos (Offsite Link)



  Regular Events
  Adults - $15.00
  Seniors 65+ - $12.00
  Kids over 10 - $12.00
  Kids under 10 - FREE
  Special Events
  Adults - $20.00
  Seniors 65+ - $15.00
  Kids over 10 - $15.00
  Kids under 10 - FREE


- Regular Admission is $15 for adults, $12 for seniors and students, Free for children 10 and under.

- Special Event admission pricing will apply as per above pricing.

- Spectators are welcome to arrive any time after the gates open at 2pm.

  Season Ticket Info - Contact Us



  Gates open: 2:00pm
  Racer Registration: 2:00-4:00pm
  Rider's Meeting: between 4:30pm and 4:45pm
  Practice: 5:00pm
  Kid's Heats: start between 6:15pm and 6:30pm (depending on entries)
  Regular Heats: 7:00pm
  The main show starts at 7:00pm, for the Flat Track and Speedway classes, finishing with the finals!
  Riders - if you are going to be late, please call 905-734-7058 or send a friend to registration so you can be put in the program




An ATV is a four wheeled balloon tired off-road vehicle having a wheel at each diagonal extremity, consisting of a complete integral unit having accommodation for a rider only sitting astride, steered by a handlebar.


The Junior racing classes are divided into:

  • 50 (shaft or chain driven) is 4-10 years old
  • 65cc is 6-11 years old
  • 85cc is 9-16 years old
  • 85cc/250 youth - 9-16 years old


If your child doesn't fall within these age ranges, please contact the club to discuss this further.

Classes are open to both Boys and Girls

Ages are as of their birthday year of the current year for qualification. For example, they could turn four in July. But start racing in June.


Flat Track is the uniquely American type of motorcycle racing. Riders finesse their machines sideways through the turns, just inches apart from each other, at speeds over 100 mph. In short, motorcycle flat track racing provides one of the most thrilling spectacles in motorsports.

Every week, a superb selection of riders assemble at our track from Canada and the USA.

They are split into several racing classes, which allow some bikes and riders to compete in several levels of competition.

Both women and men compete at a very high level, and boast some great sponsors to assist them in their quests for winning by competing at our track.

Classes run at the events are:

  • 450cc Novice, Intermediate, Expert
  • 600cc Open Novice, Open Intermediate, Open Expert
  • 750cc Expert (not weekly)
  • Vintage Class
  • Veteran Class

Speedway bikes give a great show from the start to the finish line. A speedway race comprises of 4 laps from a clutch dropping standing start. The bikes are all 500cc methanol fuel machines, that have no brakes and one fixed gear!

They accelerate from 0-100 km in just 3 seconds and spend the majority of the race sideways.