603 Netherby Road, Welland, Ontario. L3B 5N7. Canada - (905)734-7058


Club Officers & President's Message




This is the part where I’m supposed to thank you for visiting the site and welcoming
everyone to Welland County Motorcycle Club. Well, it’s time for a departure from that yada, yada, yada we’re the best club ever and you should visit.

This is my personal look at Welland
County, and what it means to me.

First off, I’m relatively new to Welland County having only been a Member for 5 years.

I always wanted to check the place out, but my weekends were always taken up with car racing.

It only took a few months as a Member, to know this was the place for me. Once Members realize you are serious about joining the club, they are more than willing to make you feel welcome and take you under their wing.

As a working club, with volunteers making things happen, it still amazes me the energy
and work ethic these Members possess. From construction to cooking, they have it covered!

A walk through the grounds still brings amazement that men in their spare time could build such a place.

Qualities such as respect and honour are the norm in this 70 odd year old club. You
know you’re in the right place when people become friends that feel like you’ve known your whole life. Places like Welland County don’t come along everyday.

Running races since the 70’s and hosting yearly events takes an incredible amount of
work, responsibility and dedication. The Members of Welland County make it look easy, but I assure you it is not!

It is an honour and privilege to be a part of Welland County Motorcycle Club and I hope
that others may experience the same.


Sean Gillespie



  President - Sean Gillespie
  Vice-President.... Joe Montovani
  Treasurer.... Richard Burke
  Secretary.... Archie Hardie
  Board Of Directors
  Mike Jones
  Rob Stokes
  Archie Hardie
  Paul Uhrin
  Wesley Pierce
  Brian Armstrong
  Richard Burke
  Don McCormack
  FTC Representative.... Wesley Pierce
  Custodian.... Mark DeRuyte
  Historian.... Jim (Jimmy-O) Orosz, / Al Fair
  Membership Secretary.... Paul Uhrin
  Newsletter Editor.... Al Dunn
  Photographers.... Cliff Rashleigh / Ron Turnbull
  Public Relations.... Wesley Pierce
  Road Captain.... Ron Turnbull / Mike Jones / Norm Fisher

Sergeant-at-Arms.... Mark DeRuyte, John Soles, Sid Scott, Cliff Rashleigh, Mike Pelletier

  Steward.... Joe Montovani